Historical information

This Identity Disc belonged to Wilhelm Welz and was taken from the battlefield in Europe during the First World War. It was brought back to Australia and handed to the Lara RSL about 1950 by a family who's father (a member of Lara) had died. Due to lost records it is not known who the member was.


Historic Significance to the Weltz family

Physical description

German oval brass military dog tag from the First World War, with two small holes at the top. Made of brass. Inscribed with owner details.

Inscriptions & markings

Wilhelm Welz/ Wunschelburg.kr.neurode./ Geb.15.11.77./ 2.Ers.Bat.Gren.Reg 10./ 3.K.No.1141./ R.I.R.23.5.K.1207.