Historical information

Pocket Book of general information re South Vietnam. Sections on...language/ enemy Military information/Terrain /Traps & mines /a reliance on abandoned weapons.This pocketbook was issued to C P L Simons K .G.

Mr Ken Simons held office as President of Lara Sub Branch 25 years.


Every Serviceman would have needed and used this item all of his Active Duty time and would remain a common thread for all involved in that warfare.This pocketbook information would empower Army personnel to enter the field of conflict with greater confidence.

Physical description

Dark green, imitation leather booklet with gold writing. At the top is the Coat of Arms of Australia and directly underneath is written, "AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES". In the centre is text, "POCKETBOOK", and at the bottom is text, "SOUTH VIETNAM".

Cardboard cover /66 paper pages/map inside front cover/RESTRICTED on every page

Inscriptions & markings

CPL Simons K G Page 66 By Authority A J Arthur 'C'wealth Govt 'Printer 'Canberra.