Historical information

The listing of the Mooney Collection is an essential tool in the cataloguing of the collection, providing an identification of the artefact, the location where the artefact was found, and a number corresponding to the number affixed to the artefact. However, detailed provenance, and the date the artefact was collected, is not provided in the listing. This listing was probably prepared by Lawrence Mooney. There is a second, typewritten, listing which may have been prepared by Mooney, or by Ararat City Council. The typewritten listing is slightly different from the hand-written listing, and both are used in conjunction with each other. Aboriginal Affairs Victoria is currently assessing the Mooney Collection, along with the rest of the aboriginal artefact collection in Langi Morgala Museum, and is using both listings.


The Significance Assessment prepared by Elizabeth Willis for the Langi Morgala Museum in 2008 assessed the Mooney Collection as being significant for researchers and for local indigenous people. The hand-written listing is an invaluable tool in cataloguing, interpreting and assessing the Mooney Collection. There is a digital copy of the Significance Assessment available at Langi Morgala Museum, and at Heritage Victoria, who funded the SA.

Physical description

Mooney Collection Listing, written in long-hand. There are six A4 pages,stapled together, which are a photocopy of an original listing which is no longer to hand. Each page is divided into two sets of two columns, with Mooney's catalogue number on the left, and the name of the artefact, and the location in which he found it (provenance), on the right. At the end of the listing this system breaks down, and seems to refer to ad hoc or multiple items. And throughout the document occasional items have a line drawn through them.

Inscriptions & markings

For example: "174 / Spinning Stone Ararat", "371. / Axe Mooney's Gap"."415 / Anvil Crowlands".