Historical information

This is a long view of the main street of Ararat, looking westward towards Copes Hill, taken in the 1870s or thereabouts. It provides information on the businesses, the hotels, and public buildings in Ararat at this early time.


The donor, and the date of acquisition are as yet unknown. However, the rarity of the photo, together with its early date (ca1870s), make it signficant to the local Langi Morgala Collection.

Physical description

Original, large-format photograph of early Ararat, taken ca1876. Langi Morgala also has a copy of this photo, laminated and in black-and-white (cat.9270.2). The current photo appears to have been hand-coloured, and is affixed to a cardboard backing. In addition to information written in ink directly on the back, two labels with information have been stuck to the back of the photo: one is ink on cardboard; the other is dynotape.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription on front: "Barkly Street Ararat, Looking Westward". Inscriptions on back: Text no.1, on cardboard, apparently written in 1974: "Barkly Street, Ararat, looking Westward. Now vicinity, (1974), of J.Hughan, R.Blizzard, T.A.B., / Cannon's, (Mrs RJ Boyles), L.Ford, H.Watts, T.d,Oliveyra / Photo: 1876 [the second figure-8 has been overwritten with a 7, making the date 1876]" Right Side: Police Station Court House and original Medical / Dispensary building still stands on corner of Barkly and Ligar Streets (R&B Depot). Text no.2, on dynotape: "Right Mining.Wardens.Office"
Text no.3: [written in ink: is identical to the information on the cardboard label].