Historical information

P.S.Pevensey, built in 1911, towing two barges along the river system, bringing wool back into Port on the barge Moorabin. The barge master would sit atop the load, steer the barge, with the help of a crew member. The Loxton has her load covered with tarps and is towing a tender.


Barges were used to help bring larger loads into the port from the out lying properties. Wool could be loaded high to enable more to to be bought in in one load.Barges were attached to the paddle steamer by the tow post, to enable the paddle steamer to navigate the bends in the river easily. The barges had a steering wheel but no engine.

Physical description

P.S.Pevensey towing two barges, Loxton and Moorabin, one loaded with supplies and towing a tender,one loaded with wool with barge master and one crew member sitting on top of the load. photograph taken by Mr Balcombe Quick fro the deck of the Marion in 1940.

Inscriptions & markings

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The Pevensey towing barges Loxton and Moorabin. Photographed by Mr Balcombe Quick from the Marion in 1940
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