Historical information

River trade was a cost effective way of getting all sorts of items from the towns to out lying properties. In this instance we have a motor vehicle being loaded onto the paddle steamer Marion at the Echuca Wharf in 1934, to be taken to one of these properties. Hydraulic cranes were situated on the wharf to enable this to be done during all river heights.


All types of produce and machinery could be transported from the larger towns to out-lying properties on the decks of paddle steamers. It was a more cost effective way of transporting articles, also a faster alternative than overland.

Physical description

P.S.Marion moored at Echuca wharf 1934. Photograph showing loading of motor car onto Marion, using crane located on wharf. Young local lads on wharf watching proceedings. On-board the Marion are six men guiding the car. Top deck of the paddle steamer we have a lady watching the workers.High river is evident with the position of the Marion beside top level of wharf.

Inscriptions & markings

Loading a car onto the Marion at Echuca Wharf in 1934