Historical information

The paddle steamer Adelaide was sitting on the riverbank in Hopwood gardens after being taken from the water after her use as a steamer bringing timber into the sawmill. Being an old historic boat it was important for her to be returned to the river before she deteriorated on the bank. Money was raised to restore her, our shipwright Kevin Hutchinson, along with others, did the work to bring her back to a fully operational paddle steamer. She was tested under full steam, as can be seen in this photograph, then she was recommissioned by Prince Charles and Lady Dianna. The Etona which is also visible in this picture, was built in 1898 in Milang in S.A. You can see the white cross on top of her, which denotes that she was a missionary boat.


The paddle steamer Adelaide is the oldest wooden hulled paddle steamer still operating on any river anywhere in the world, she is situated in Echuca, where she was built in 1866. After spending some time as a static display, she was fully restored and is now part of the museum located at the historic Port of Echuca. The P.S.Etona is also visible in this photograph, she is also an old historic paddle steamer, being built in 1898 in Milang in South Australia and used as a missionary boat initially, then being sold as part of a professional fishing fleet, owned by the O'Connor family.

Physical description

Black & white photograph showing the paddle steamer Adelaide under full steam coming up river toward the wharf. On the river bank can be seen the paddle steamer Etona in the foreground,as well as house boats.The Murray River is at a high level in this photograph.

Inscriptions & markings

Adelaide trials day. 10 Sept.1985