Historical information

After being set up as a static display in the Hopwood Gardens the P.S.Adelaide was fully restored then returned to the Murray river as an operational paddle steamer.This picture was taken of her testing the engines/boilers under full steam after her restoration. In this photograph she is travelling down river past the historic Port of Echuca, and the paddle steamer Pevensey.


Being the oldest wooden hulled paddle steamer in the world, it was important to take her from the static display in Hopwood Garden back to a working paddle steamer in the Murray River.Built in Echuca in 1866, she is the fastest paddle steamer on the river as she has two steam engines in her, 16h.p. each. The paddle steamer Pevensey is also an old paddle steamer, having celebrated her 100th birthday in July 2011. She was built in Moama as the barge Mascot, her 20h.p. steam engine was bought out from England, and she became a paddle steamer in 1911. She starred in a mini-series which was filmed at the historic Port of Echuca in 1982-1983, in which she was renamed Philadelphia.

Physical description

Sepia photograph of P.S.Adelaide under full steam heading down river past the historic wharf. In the foreground is seen the paddle steamer Pevensey. As can be seen on her name board there is also the name Philadelphia. In the centre of the river in front of the Adelaide can be seen a modern speed boat, quite a contrast to the old historic paddle steamers.

Inscriptions & markings

Trials day 10 Sept 1985