Plans – Larkin Aircraft Supply Co. Ltd ‘Lark’ glider -sailplane - Lark Glider Sailplane

From the Collection of Australian Gliding Museum 20 Jensz Road Parwan Victoria

The plans consists of technical drawings on blueprint paper of the glider sailplane designed William Shackleton and built by the Larkin Aircraft Supply Co of Melbourne in 1930.
1000 mm by 700 mm
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Historical information
The Lark glider sailplane was designed by William Shackleton in 1930 to meet the perceived demand for a glider with better performance than primary gliders, in Australia. Shackleton came to work for the Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd as its Chief Engineer and designer in 1929 having been with the Beardmore aircraft company in the United Kingdom. The Lark first flew in January 1931 at Coode Island (the site of the Larkin operations and airfield in Melbourne). It was flown at Tower Hill near Koroit in the Western district of Victoria by Raymond Garrett who made a record breaking soaring flight of 1 hour 54 minutes on 19 May 1931. It was later transferred to the local gliding club and flown successfully until it was damaged beyond repair in a crash in 1933. Plans were sold by Larkin Aircraft Co Ltd for home built construction. A second Lark glider was built from plans by Harold Bradley in South Australia. He modified the wing design by tapering the tips. A third Lark derivative was built in northern NSW and flown by Eric Avery and others at Lismore. It had a modified wing with double struts.
Made By
Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd (Aircraft design and manufacture), William Shackleton (Aircraft designer)
Although there were only three known gliders of this type made and flown, the plans are of historical significance because it was the first successful Australian designed and built utility glider. The associations with the Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd, a pioneering aircraft manufacturer and the notable aircraft designer of the time William Shackleton are also add weight to significance.

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