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Glider - Lessing

From the Collection of Australian Gliding Museum 20 Jensz Road Parwan Victoria

Metal bird-like glider – without fabric coverings
Wing Span of approximately 9 metres
Object Registration
australian gliding, glider, kurt lessing, woodend
Historical information
Kurt Lessing migrated from Dresden, Germany to Australia after World War 2. He was a very skilled machinist and proceeded to build this somewhat strange machine more or less in secret in his workshop at Woodend, Victoria. In addition, Kurt built a ramp 20 metres high, with winches and a 800 metre catapult for launching the glider, with the pilot lying in a prone position. However, he died before completing the project and the glider was never flown. The glider was acquired by the donor, Bill Riley, at an auction.
Made By
Kurt Lessing (Designer and builder)
The exhibit it is unusual in the use of metal fabrication in the construction of this primitive type of glider. The workmanship is of a remarkable standard and the glider may be fairly described as a work of art.
Inscriptions & Markings
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