Historical information

The Boer War of 1899 to 1902 was the first big conflict to which Australia sent troops. Service was entirely voluntary, and it was often based on existing contingents of mounted rifles, or 'Rangers'. The museum would like to find out more about the people in this photograph. One at least seems to come from the local Ararat district.


Langi Morgala Museum holds six photos (to date) which have been provenanced to the Boer War: some of these are of bandsmen rather than soldiers (although bandsmen saw active duty). All or most of these photos relate to the Ararat district, which makes them significant to the region, and also significant on a statewide basis. The condition of the photos is fair: there are some spots and tears and erasures, but the photos are mostly in very high-definition, and the faces and other details are usually very clear.

Physical description

This photo is dated to early in the Boer War (duration 1899 to 1902), and therefore to 1899, because the hat-brims are turned up on the right. Later in the Boer War they were changed to turn up on the left, in which position they have remained. Henry RP Mitchell is kneeling on the left of the photo; none of the other subjects has yet been identified.

Inscriptions & markings

"Kneeling left - Henry RP Mitchell"