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Lace Trim

From the Collection of Churchill Island Heritage Farm 246 Samuel Amess Drive Newhaven Victoria

machine made, floral pattern, possibly warratahs?
4.2 cm w X 30 cm l
Object Registration
churchill island, lace, janet amess lace collection, trim, amess, machine
Historical information
The names of the Amess women who owned the lace are:
Jane Amess (nee Straughan) – donor Unity’s great grandmother (pet name Janet, but not used as it will confuse with Unity’s mother). Jane was the wife of Samuel Amess, first Samuel Amess to own Churchill Island.
Frances Amess (nee Turnbull) – grandmother, married Robert Lisle Straughan Ames... read more

The Amess family owned Churchill Island from 1872 to 1929. This lace collection was owned and contributed to by four generations of Amess women.
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