Historical information

The second chapel at CEGS Ballarat was brought from Allendale in 1919. The first School chapel was brought from Jerusalem, Parish of Kingston, in 1912. For more information see Winds of Influence, pp. 31, 52-54

Physical description

Three boys standing in front of a white timber school chapel with fences in view and trees in the background

Inscriptions & markings

verso: Chapel, 1936 H.N. Willey, J.A. Wallish, M.T. Spittle typed in black on cream paper glued to photograph.
In pencil in handwriting 28/10/77
L. Maybe Norman Willy ? not sure
M. J. A. Wallish
R. Max Spittle

KODAK PRINT in purple ink
Numbers "3" and "1" in black ink