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ANZAC Day is celebrated each year at Ballarat Grammar and is commemorated in different ways.
Most items were in short supply [in 1940s]. Coupons were needed to buy tea, sugar, butter, meat, clothes and for people with cars - petrol. Even potatoes came in a 4 gallon tin and were known as dehydrated potatoes.
The School had a cadet corps which went on parade every week. Mr Dart was the Commanding Officer. A Lt General Smart donated a shield for platoon marching which required about 35 senior boys.
Mr Dart entered teh School and we commenced weekly marching drill around the School and on the oval. The School did not possess a drum so Mr Dart got an empty dehydrated potato tin and with the aid of a short, solid stick, beat out the time for our marching. The big day came, we entrained at the Ballarat Station, for Melbourne, then on to the Caufield racecourse, where we proceeded to march up and down the straight. We won the competition and our delight was further enhanced because marching drill was no longer deemed a priority.
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