Historical information

Between 1951 and 1956 the Canberra Bomber was used for high altitude, high speed, tactical research. It was flown consistently for twenty years by the RAAF and was used in the Indonesian confrontation and the Vietnam War.


The bomber being restored is the oldest surviving complete Canberra. This plane flew continually from 1951—1973 and was used in both Malaya and Vietnam. It is one of three bombers bought from England before production began at the Government Aircraft Factory at Fisherman's Bend. The plane has the oldest known Rolls Royce Avon engine, being serial number 2.

Physical description

The Canberra is a first-generation jet-powered light bomber which could fly at a higher altitude than previous bombers. It was Australia's first jet bomber. The plane is undergoing restoration at the museum.

Inscriptions & markings

Serial No. A84-307