Historical information

The Ballarat Grammarian was the magazine of the Church of England Grammar School, Ballarat, the first issue being published in 1928.


This document marks the beginning of the magazine known as The Ballarat Grammarian. Prior to 1928, the School magazine was known as The Wendoureean. From 1911 to December 1926 the magazine was called Serva Fidem

Physical description

Cream coloured paper with a black penned lettering and ornamental borders, with Ballarat Grammar Crest in centre

Inscriptions & markings

The Grammarian (in Old English)
watermark in paper top right hand side
Colin M. Hall Form IV 1926 (in blue ink top of page)
Colin M. Hall Form IV 1926 (in blue ink top verso)
404 Joseph Gilbert written in pencil at top
170 top right hand corner
Symbol of crest (RHS) in pencil with Dark Screen and Light Screen written in pencil