Historical information

This DVD, years in the making, tells the story of nineteen nurses from The Alfred Hospital who bravely volunteered to work in the heat and the turmoil of the Vietnam War. The Bien Hoa Provincal Hospital was in a very active military zone and the nurses quickly discovered how unprepared they were for what lay ahead.


This is an unique record in words and pictures of Alfred Hospital Trained civilian nurses volunteering in a significant war, The Vietnam War

Physical description

Rectangular plastic DVD box with DVD included.The DVD which runs for 1 hour has interviews,film and photos detailing the service of 19 AH nurses in Bien Hoa during the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Yellow colouring on cover with photgraph of two Alfred Hospital Nurses with Vietnamese children.

Inscriptions & markings

The cover of the DVD has the inscription "Nineteen Nurses The Story of Alfred Hospital Nurses in Wartime Vietnam"
The back side of the DVD box has a synopsis of the nurses time in Vietnam and quotes from 2 AH nurses.Produced by Educational Resource Centre of The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne for the Alfred Hospital Nurses League.