Historical information

The student nurse arm badge patches were introduced in the 1950's to identify the seniority of the nurse during the 3 years of training. The first year nurse wore a white maltese/pattee cross patch on a light blue square;the second year nurse wore a red skeletal cross on a white square and the third year nurse a filled in red cross on a white square. Prior to the 1950's the nurses from 1880 were identified by only two arm patches. A red skeletal cross and a filled in red cross which were on arm bands and were pushed up and positioned over the left sleeve.


These arm badge patches are significant to nurses who trained at Alfred Hospital as they remind them of the different phases of their three years of nurse training.

Physical description

These three arm badge patches are made of fabric. They represent the seniority of the student nurse during her training at the Alfred Hospital. These badges were sown onto the outer left sleeve of the uniform after the nurse passed each phase of training. Worn on a uniform sleeve between 1950 and 1992.