Historical information

Alfred student nurses always wore arm bands to identify their level of seniority. This specific style was used from 1950-1992.


New nurses in preliminary training school had no arm badge and a red pattee cross on their hats. The 'signed on' first year student exchanged the hat with a red pattee cross for a hat with the hospital badge shown in the picture and wore the arm badge of the white pattee cross on a light blue square; the second year nurse wore a red skeletal cross on a white square and the third year nurse a filled in red cross on a white square. Prior to the 1950s the nurses from 1880 were identified by only two arm patches, a red skeletal cross and a filled in red cross which were on arm bands and were worn above the elbow on the left sleeve. This system meant that all hospital staff could tell at a glance what stage of training the student was at and behave accordingly.

Physical description

Fabric arm badge patches of differing styles and smaller hat badge sewn on blue and white hounds tooth fabric used for the dresses worn by students.