Historical information

Haldane Turriff was the first Matron of the Alfred Hospital from 1871-1880. She was one of five nurses selected by Florence Nightingale to be sent out to Sydney with Lucy Osburn in 1868. She was one of two nurses selected by Lucy Osburn to nurse Prince Alfred , Duke of Edinburgh following a failed assassination attempt that occurred in March 1868.


Haldane Turriff , as the first Matron of the Alfred Hospital, was the link between the Nightingale School at St Thomas Hospital, London and the Alfred Hospital. Although she did not establish a training school at the Alfred Hospital in the Nightingale tradition, she laid the foundation for an excellent standard of nursing that has continued today.

Physical description

Small, original sepia photograph, showing Haldane Turriff standing in uniform, circa 1871.There is an inscription on reverse side of photograph

Inscriptions & markings

On the reverse side of the photograph there is printed the name and address of the photography gallery ie London portrait gallery, 19 Royal Arcade, near the fountain, Melbourne. The inscription[ in handwriting] states 'Miss Turiff [sic] Turriff, matron Alfred Hospital nursed Duke of Edinburgh after attempted assassination.