Historical information

The Mont Eltham Pot Belly Stove History The Mont Eltham Pot Belly Stoves were first manufactured in the 1960s at the Burrowes family business The Lyn Iron Foundry in Coburg Victoria by Barry and his father Charles Thomas Burrowes. The manufacture of The Mont Eltham Pot Belly continued in Victoria as The Mont Eltham Stove Co. by Barry and Glenda Burrowes in Montmorency and later in Thomastown. The castings were produced by leading Melbourne foundries, Cox & Rosetti , and Anderson & Ritchie. They were also made in Ballarat by The Harding Bros Foundry, and in Shepparton by The Furphy Foundry. The Mount Eltham pot belly stoves were manufactured until the late 1980s.

Physical description

Stove; cast iron pot belly wood stove. Fitted with a three legged base. Drying rack fitted around girth of the pot. One leg has been removed to fit into fireplace. Inscription on stove. Made by Mount Eltham Stove Co.

Inscriptions & markings

"Mont Eltham Stove Sherbourne Rd Vic”