Historical information

This bed jacket was, as the enclosed note stated, “probably hand made in Asia” and has been identified as Chinese 20th century by the Lace Group Embroiderers Guild. The insertions at the wrist are very fine handmade Irish crochet with the treble fans and Clones knots visible. The embroidery on the reminder of the jacket has also been executed by hand. Being white work is quite unusual for Chinese embroidery as it is traditionally colourful or monochromatic such as red work or blue as in the willow pattern. Perhaps this was made with the Western market in mind.


The Amess family owned Churchill Island from 1872 to 1929. This lace collection was owned and contributed to by four generations of Amess women

Physical description

Chinese 20th C Hand crocheted insertions. Hand embroidery. White blouse/bed jacket.

Inscriptions & markings

Packaged with note "Light bed jacket. Probably hand made in Asia c 1970 judging by size tag '14'"