Historical information

Little Eltham attracted attention from one writer in 1902 because of its “Surrey or Sussex village” qualities and its “essentially English” village pond. The original pond was here amongst the willows. Eltham was often a destination for daily outings, picnics, holidays etc.
In 1935 the council decided to drain the pond – apparently to stop mosquitos breeding – only to be frustrated by determined locals who surreptitiously filled it again. It was not only the beauty of the willows that motivated this rebelliousness. Some locals used the pond as a watering hole for their horses and other enjoyed the croaking of the frogs.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of illustration 'Village Pond' Eltham from The Australasian 2 May 1903, page 25 one of four sketches with article Eltham a popular holiday spot.