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Ordinance - Magazine, SLR

From the Collection of Lara RSL Sub Branch McClelland Ave Next to railway station Lara Victoria

Black metal magazine for SLR rifle. Two pieces, one large and rectangular and one small.
H15cm x W8cm x D3cm
Object Registration
slr, bullets, maqazine, australia, army, vietnam, lara
Historical information
The SLR (L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle) was the standard issue rifle for the Australian military from 1954-1988. This weapon saw service primarily in Vietnam, and was used by most Commonwealth countries. The magazine fopr the SLR is used to hold bullets and allow quick loading.
This object is significant due its representatives. The SLR was the standard issue rifle for thousands of Australian soldiers throughout the 20th Century, and the magazine was a ubiquitous item carried by all soldiers.
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2 Aug 2018 at 3:09PM