Historical information

This photograph was probably taken in the late 1960s (Holden sedan and ute parked at the front of the building). Under the veranda of one of the building it looks like a garage with a car parked in it (could be a mechanics or workshop), another shop front (possibly vacant) and what appears to be two residences, with picket fence, and then a corner shop.


The buildings appear to be in poor condition (need painting and roof of veranda is rough). The centre shop front looks like the shop is vacant. The corner store is operational as it has advertising boards on the pavement.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of row of buildings in High St, Echcua c.1960. Picture is taken facing west - High and Warren Street corner is at extreme right of photograph. Copy of original from Latrobe Library collection.

Inscriptions & markings

On front right hand side : "Cohns" advertising sign.On reverse in pencil: "High st. c.1960. Sight of Aquarium, burnt down 1970s. Now Granny Chattels & Ceramics Cottage (1984) at left side. Cr of High & Warren St at right side of picture."