Historical information

This crest and motto became the hospital logo in 1895 and was used until 1936. The motto had been adopted in 1880 when the hospital began nurse training.


The Alfred Hospital Nurses League, founded in 1918 designed their badge, inaugurated in 1920, based on this design. When Alfred nurses graduated from that time they paid for their badge and a year’s membership of the League. This process was continued until the School of Nursing closed in 1992. The payee cross and motto became the property of the Alfred Hospital Nurses League in 1937 when the hospital took on 'Service and Care' as their motto.

Physical description

Red pattee cross set above a banner with the hospital motto inscribed.

Inscriptions & markings

The then hospital motto 'Ubi non est mulier ibi ingimescit aeger'.
Latin, meaning ''Where woman is not, there the sick man groaneth"