Historical information

Many photographs were taken of Matron Mann & Staff in 1922. It was described as a 'progressive year' in relation to building expansion. The Linay Pavilion was renovated and remodeled; concrete modern covered ways connecting Wards and the operating theatre had been completed; and the new home for nurses had been opened & a covered way constructed from the nurses quarters to main buildings. There were also renovations to portions of the Administration Block.


Many photographs of the Matron and Staff were published in 1922 with the new buildings in the background .For example, the construction of Nurses Home was the completion of the scheme inaugurated in 1908 when night nurses' quarters were erected. The new building contained 124 rooms, in addition to pantries, box rooms and all necessary offices. A larger nurses home secured accommodation for more nurses to be trained.

Physical description

A photograph of Matron Louisa Mann and nursing staff taken in 1922 at the Alfred Hospital.