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Record of Conduct and Service (Sydney Charles Ottaway)

From the Collection of Victoria Police Museum Mezzanine Level World Trade Centre Siddeley Street Docklands Victoria

Official document
world war 1, 1914-1918; victoria police; ottaway, sydney charles 5485
Historical information
When the First World War broke out, Australian men from all backgrounds and professions were called to serve their country.  Members of the Victorian Police force were some of the first to answer the call with twenty men joining the first convoy of soldiers who left Australian shores in October 1914. Over the course of four long years, one hundred and thirty-eight Victorian Police enlisted from stations across the state. Of these, twenty-seven lost their lives. Whilst the fate of each man was different, a deep commitment to protecting and serving the public was common to all.

Victoria Police service: Joined: 1/09/1909; Grated leave without pay 3/09/1918; Re-joined 17/01/1919; Discharged for misconduct 6/01/1921

WW1 service: Applied to enlist 20 August 1918; Discharged 5 September 1919 due to demobilization of the AIF
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