Historical information

Plumbers' hammers were used to shape bends in metal tubes, Eg. down pipes. This hammer was used to shape the Tobin Tubes in the Beechworth Court House. Tobin Tubes are a type of ventilation shaft used in the 19th century. This plumber's hammer was found under floorboards of Beechworth Court House during renovations.


This plumber's hammer was used in the installation of Tobin Tubes in the Beechworth Court House. This object is part of the archival collection from the Beechworth Historic Court House, which is the only court house that has remained intact with original furnishings,fittings and documents following its closure in 1989.

Physical description

Wooden hammer with tear-dropped shaped head. Three indented lines at end of handle. Small lathe mark at base of handle. Various indentations on head from usage.