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Black and white photograph

From the Collection of Port of Echuca 74 Murray Esplanade Echuca Victoria

A black and white glossy photograph of a horse and buggy outside the Bridge Hotel. The photograph is taken through the log buggy which was parked across the road from the Bridge Hotel. The buggy is a Cobb & Co. Royal Mail buggy. The Bridge Hotel is in a state of disrepair. P000073.1 and P000073.2 are identical. P000073.3 is the same shot, but the hotel and the horse and buggy are further away than in the other two shots.
H 20.3 cms X L 25.7 cms.
Object Registration
the bridge hotel, cobb & co., royal mail, cheshire, michael, ministry of tourism, government of victoria.
Historical information
This photograph was taken in 1980 and shows the Cobb &Co Royal Mail buggy outside the Bridge Hotel. The camera is positioned under the log buggy, which was parked across the road from the Bridge Hotel. The giant log and it's buggy frame the photograph. They were commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Victoria and were taken by the photographer Michael Cheshire.
When Made
This photograph is important because it comes from an era when tourism was a relatively new industry. The Bridge Hotel appears to be occupied, but it was before any renovations occurred.
Inscriptions & Markings
This photograph has a Port of Echuca stamp in purple on the back of the photograph. It also has stamped on the back in black....." This photograph is with the compliments of the....Ministry of Tourism Government of Victoria. Please acknowledge photo: Michael Cheshire." Written in black pen are the words 'Echuca Cobb & Co. Coach.' In the photograph, on the coach are written the words; Cobb & Co. Royal Mail. ER.
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