Historical information

These scales were used in either the Beechworth Police Station or the Beechworth Courthouse. They were collected after the closure of the building. A letter scale has one flat plate to place the letter on, a pivot point with a moulded dish on the other side to place the weights on until the scales balance. Mechanical scales were used to determine the correct amount of postage. Until the 1990s the most common letter scales were mechanical like this example.

This object is on long term loan from Robert Simpson and is used in the Beechworth Courthouse to interpret the history of the building.


This object is significant because it was used by public officials in Beechworth as part of their clerical duties. It is an example of an everyday tool of trade.

Physical description

Small Brass scales riveted onto a wooden base with 4 brass weights set in an indented form in the wood. Four Weights comprising of 2 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz weight pieces.

Inscriptions & markings

Each weight is engraved with the number of ounces