Historical information

Leather bound Diary/Album was made by Mr. P. Hallo for the Parents and Citizens Association in which notable events at the school will be recorded. It was presented to the school Headmaster, Mr. M.V. Butler on 15 Sep 1959. The next morning Mr. L. Matthews presented the diary to the prefects who accepted it on behalf of the pupils. Mr. Matthews said that everyone was appreciative of the work by Mr. P. Hallo who was responsible for setting up the book. He hoped that the achievements of the school which would be recorded in the diary would be equal to the standard of the craftsmanship in its making. The parents and Citizens had presented not an ordinary diary because they thought that the school would not be satisfied with average standards and that the sight of the book in the school entrance would inspire pupils to develop the highest traditions of work at the school. Prefects Wilma Riddell and Kenneth Hodder received the diary and Colin Baker thanked Mr. Matthews and the Parents and Citizens' Association on behalf of the pupils.


The Diary records notable events at the school from 1958 to the 1980s.

Physical description

DIARY- ALBUM: THE BIG BOOK of Ashwood High School covering 1958 - 1980.

Inscriptions & markings

Diary Presented to ASHWOOD HIGH SCHOOL (Honour before Honours) by the Parents & Citizens Association Tuesday, 15th September 1959