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Print - Colonial Clipper Schomberg

From the Collection of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village 89 Merri Street Warrnambool Victoria

Print, mounted on board "Colonial Clipper Schomberg" of original painted in 1992 by Australian maritime artist Philip J Gray. This stamped and signed Limited Edition print is number 45/1000. Image depicts clipper ship Schomberg in full sail at sea with land in background. A green sticker on the reverse has framer’s details “Frameright”.
W 65 x H 50 x D 1cm
Object Registration
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Historical information
This print of the “Schomberg” is associated with Flagstaff Hill’s collection of artefacts from the wreck of the “Schomberg”. The original was painted in 1992 by maritime artist Philip J. Gray. This limited edition print is number 45/1000. (NOTE: Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village has a framed copy of this same image, Limited Edition 91/1000, RN 3783.)


“Philip is one of Australia’s leading maritime artists and his meticulous research and social commentary paintings of ships, such as, the Loch Ard and Schomberg form an important part of Warrnambool’s Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum.” [Dr Marion Manifold, Artist and Art Historian, 2014]

Philip James Gray was born in London but has lived most of his life in Australia.
He graduated from a London school of art as an illustrator, specialising in technical and scientific illustration as well as other commercial and applied art. He was also a student for a time of Fyffe Christie - British figurative artist, mural painter and humanitarian – who had a great influence on his career.

Philip has always worked as a professional artist and illustrator. Many publications on maritime history have featured his work. His paintings have been released and sold all over the world as limited edition prints. The State Library of Victoria’s ‘Latrobe Collection’ holds two of his paintings. His street painting of ‘The Ashes Contest’ decorates the brick wall of Old Bakery Laneway in Sunbury and a Sunbury café owner commissioned him to paint the ‘Sunbury Pop Festival’ as a remembrance of local history.

Philip has been an active member of the Sunbury Art Society in Victoria for several years, serving on the committee for some of that time and being involved in exhibitions. He enjoys helping new artists and sharing his skills and experience.

About the “Schomberg”

The 1855 three-masted wooden clipper ship “Schomberg” belonged to the Black Ball line of vessels. She was a luxury vessel designed to transport emigrants to Melbourne in superior comfort.

Schomberg’s master, Captain ‘Bully’ Forbes, predicted at her launch that he wouldmake the journed from Liverpool to Melbourne in sixty days. She departed Liverpool on 6 October 1855 with 430 passengers. Her cargo included iron rails for the Geelong Railway line and for a bridge over Melbourne’s Yarra River.

After seventy-eight days at sea the Schomberg ran aground on a sand-spit near Peterborough in Victoria on 27 December, having almost reached her destination. All of her passengers were rescued by the passing SS Queen the following morning. The passengers’ luggage was later retrieved and some of the cargo was salvaged but the drowning of two of the men from the salvage operation caused further work to be abandoned.

In 1975, 120 years after Schomberg was wrecked, divers from Flagstaff Hill recovered many artefacts from the wreckage including the famous Schomberg diamond, a communion set, ship fittings and more.
When Made
Made By
Frameright (Maker)
The subject of the sailing ship “Schomberg” is significant for is connection with the 1800s vessel “Schomberg” and the historic role the ship, and other similar ships, played to transport migrants and goods into Australia. The print is significant as it is a limited edition of an Australian maritime artist.
Inscriptions & Markings
Signature “Philip J. Gray ‘92”
Stamp with limited edition “45/1000” hand written
"Frameright, 98 Fairy St, Warrnambool Ph (055) 61 1130"
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