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Book - The Tatura Secret Radio

From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan S Tatura VIC

White soft cover book with an entrance made with barb wire. The front cover depicts a man with headphones on. A map of Victoria and short history of the book on the back cover. B/W photos, with a map of Tatura No 1 camp. 2nd copy.
H 21.0 x W 14.8 x D 1.2 159 pages
Object Registration
the tatura secret radio, nilsen h, nilsen l, glover i, camp 1, tatura, ww2 camp 1, books, history, local
Historical information
Army Intelligence knew there was a secret radio operating in Tatura No.1 Camp. The inmates were getting the war news direct from Germany. They had to have a strong shortwave receiver, but where was it?
When Made
Inscriptions & Markings
Reg. No. 1870.1 signed "With Best Wishes Laura Nilsen"
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18 Feb 2019 at 2:39PM