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RAAF Tropical Uniform WW2 : pilot Francis (Frank) Robertson

From the Collection of Chiltern Athenaeum Trust 57 Conness Street Chiltern Victoria

WW2 Issue RAAF Drab Tropical Dress uniform. Used by members when posted to tropical areas or on tropical duties in the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea and the Pacific. The uniform is light tan in color and made of a lightweight cotton linen blend fabric. On the left breast pocket above the pocket seam are the pilot wings, determining the role the member undertook (called Mustering). There is also a Navy, Red and Light Blue ribbon bar depicting a WW2 service campaign (New Guinea). There are shoulder epaulets determining the member's rank, being Flight Lieutenant. The RAAF Pilot Wings have the RAAF insignia in the middle identifying the pilot as being a member of the Royal Australian Air Force. The buttons are made of strong Bakelite material and also have a smeall insignia upon them indicating RAAF. The belt has a brass/metal bracket for adjusting the size through two pins, with the keeper being on the internal side of the belt.
Object Registration
ww2 raaf pilot francis (frank) robertson, wirraway aircraft crash chiltern 1943 frank robertson and nurse carter, ww2 raaf trpical dress uniform
Historical information
This is the RAAF tropical uniform worn by members throughout WW2 and who served in tropical and pacific areas. This particular uniform belonged to RAAF pilot FLTLT Francis (Frank) Robertson. Frank Robertson was the trainee pilot, who at 18 years old, took off from Deniliquin on what started out as a moonlit night in May, 1943, in a tiny Wirraway aircraft. The RAAF Trainee Pilot was attached to the Kittyhawk squadron, and as part of his preparations for the South Pacific theatre, he had to fly solo south-east towards Tocumwal on the Murray River, and return within two hours. But Robertson detected other aircraft in the area forcing him off course. And then a cold front moved in, bringing with it a thick cloud cover. He was forced to emergency land with the Wirraway aircraft ending up clipping the roof of Nurse Carter's house in Chiltern. Nurse Carter was uninjured but suffered from shcok and Pilot Robertson bruised and cracked his ribs. FLTLT Robertson then went on to service overseas throughout WW2. He is the father of well known Humanitarian, Barrister, Media personality, academic and author, Geoffrey Robertson QC, AO.
When Made
circa 1940
This uniform is a WW2 RAAF tropical dress issue and was used throughout WW2 when members were posted into and served within tropical and pacific areas.
Inscriptions & Markings
Pilot Wings indicate RAAF with embroidered lettering below the crown and in the middle of the two pilot wings left and ride side. The buttons have RAAF etched upon them in small detail.

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