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Photograph : LT. Percy James Sims WW1 Australian Flying Corps

From the Collection of Chiltern Athenaeum Trust 57 Conness Street Chiltern Victoria

A sepia and grey coloured photograph of LT. Percy James Sims, a WW1 soldier and Air Flying Corps members.
100mm x 150mm
Object Registration
lt. percy sims aif and afc ww1, percy james sims springhurst ww1, australian flying corps ww1 percy sims
Historical information
LT. Percy James Sims was born in Springhurst Victoria and was the son of Albert and Elizabeth Sims. The family owned two farms at Springhurst. Percy attended Melbourne Grammar School and then Melbourne University. His trade was that of an Electrical Engineer prior to enlisting for WW1. He initially enlisted with the Australian Imperial Forces in 1915 and served overseas. He then transferred to the Australian Flying Corps for pilot training. He trained at Number 2 School of Aeronautics in Oxford England. Having graduated as a pilot Percy then served overseas flying in France, Palestine and Cologne Germany. He was reported missing in action in October 1918. It was then confirmed in February of 1917 that he was killed in action whilst flying over Cologne. Percy Sims would have flown a number of crafts throughout his time in WW1, such as the Sopwith range, Martingsydes, Bristols and Avro's.
When Made
circa 1914-1919
Percy Sims was one of Australia's first batch of WW1 pilots to qualify and fly in combat over Europe. During his time as a pilot he flew a variety of crafts, such as the Sopwith range, Bristols, Martingsydes, and Avro's. Pilots like Percy were considered to be the forerunners for what we now know of as the Royal Australian Air Force. Percy grew up on his parents farm at Springhurst Victoria and was killed in action over Cologne in 1918.
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