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Photographs, Series of 7 : WW1 Soldier John Schwarer

From the Collection of Chiltern Athenaeum Trust 57 Conness Street Chiltern Victoria

A collection of 6 sepia, black and white photographs and 1 coloured photograph all relating to WW1 soldier John Schwarer.
Photographs 1 and 2 are of Company Sergeant Major (CSM) John Schwarer, individual and group photo.
Photograph 3 is of John Schwarer's fiance Annie Biophin and her sister Blanche.
Photograph 4 is the back of a family postcard relating to John Schwarer serving in France WW1
Photographs 5 and 6 is John Schwarers grave site with photograph 6 showing Astor flowers arranged by his bereaved fiance Annie Biphion
Photograph 7 is the official war grave site where John Schwarer lays at rest.
Object Registration
john schwarer ww1, csm john schwarer ww1, john schwarer rutherglen and chiltern resident
Historical information
All photographs are associated with Company Sergeant Major WW1 soldier, John William Schwarer, service number 970. John William Schwarer was the son of Mrs. Agnes Rasmussen from Rutherglen Victoria, the brother of Mrs. G. Swanwick from Daylesford, and the fiance to Miss Annie Biophin. John enlisted for WW1 at Rutherglen, his home town, on the 22 August 1914. He belonged to 7 Battalion, C Company and served in France. Whilst serving in France John received a number of wounds during 1915 and 1916. He died on the 21/9/1917 of wounds received earlier in August of same year.
When Made
These photographs are associated with Company Sergeant Major John Schwarer, 7Battalion, C Company, WW1. John was a Rutherglen and Chiltern resident. He was killed in action in September of 1916, leaving a fiancé Miss Annie Biophin.
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