Physical description

Photograph.The Madge Simmons collection. Bendigo Municipal Band. Black and white photograph mounted on cardboard. Twenty-three male band members in the photo, the man in centre front is not in uniform. All are holding instruments. In the bottom right corner is: Bartlett Bros Bendigo. On the back of the photograph in lead pencil is written information relating to the achievements of the band : In centre : Bendigo Municipal Band / Winners Bendigo Easter Contest 1923 / 1st Quick Step Punchinello / 1st Selection Ephor / 1st Walze Rosen / Les E. J. Simmons Soprano. Around the sides the following information is given: Winners Bendigo Easter Fair 1904 / Haydon’s Works Rosen B. B. C. C.? / Winners South St Ballarat C Grade 1924 / Schubert’s works Beethoven Haworth castle….?.. / 3rd Soprano cornet solo / Brunswick 1925 3rd A & B grade 4th Hon Men soprano solo 2nd hymn contest. Winners Bendigo Easter Contest 1924 1st selection labour and love 1st walze les Fleurs de Astraller? / 1st A grade quick step Sydney 1932 Ravenswood / 1st B Grade selections Sydney 1932 Owens Beethoven works / 1st B Grade selection Bendigo 1932 / 1st B Grade Quick steps Bendigo 1932 / 2nd B Grade Bendigo 1932 / 2nd B Grade quick step 1931 / 2nd B Grade selection 1931 2nd Dimboola 1930 (unbeaten music on the wards??)