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From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Colour photograph of the stained-glass window dedicated to Ethel Godfrey at the back of the St Peter the Mariner's Chapel, taken from the centre, red-carpeted aisle between the pews.
H15 x W9.9
Object Registration
mission to seafarers, stained-glass window, st peter the mariners chapel, lhlg office bearers, memorial window, alice sibthorpe tracy, lhlg
Historical information
Ethel Godfrey formed the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild in 1906 and was its Honorary Secretary. Thanks to her social connection and her energy she remained the driving force of the Guild until until 1930 when her health deteriorated.
She died on Sunday 7 July 1935 and the window was dedicated on Thursday 19 December 1935 by Archbishop Head.
When Made
The images of stained-glass windows in the Saint Peter's the Mariner's Chapel at 717 Flinders St, are a visual history of the Mission and the people associated with it. Apart from the links with long standing and significant Melbourne women, members of the LHLG. Miss Tracy's family was instrumental in the foundation of the Women's hospital in Melbourne. These windows in particular are also known to have been designed and made by Brooks Robinson a significant company of Stained glass manufacturers with examples of their work found througout Melbourne and Victoria.
Inscriptions & Markings
details of dedications to Ms Godfrey are also included in media field
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