Physical description

Documents and copies of photos related to various Cornish enterprises in Bendigo: a. Line drawing (faint) of foundry owned by the Roberts family (Mitchell, Wills and King streets); b. copy of article from unknown source re United Iron Works with details of the firm and Roberts principals - William Roberts, Abraham Roberts and Arthur Roberts - with copies of photographic portraits (Bartlett Bros.) - bad copy with LH side of text partly illegible; c. copy of article titled 'Goyne's Battery Gratings re John Goyne and history of the business (submitted by person living at ''Rosemundy'', Goynes Road, Epsom - Goyne's home then on 20 acres); d. Photograph of old Robinson photo of Bendigo Stamper Grating Factory, Epsom and five men posed in front of large timber building (badly cut photo with LH edge missing. original photo (9 x 13) of ''Former Bendigo Cornish Fuse Factory'' (handwritten inscription on reverse) taken in recent times (hint - car in driveway); f. copy from un-named book of J Nankervis's Ham and Bacon Curing Factory, Golden Square - drawing of the establishment and a photos of winning display of small goods at the Bendigo Show (no date); g. copy from un-named book of photo of premises of A J Williams, Lily and McKenzie Streets - wooden structure with sign indicating Hardware Merchants and ??Mines Furnisher?? , showing three horse-driven small wagons (delivery?); h. copy of photo of Cornish store(1880s) at White Hills - mention of Frederick Stuckenschmidt (married Miss Mary Smith), William Mathews (original owner?) - corner brick building with family posed outside alongside horse and light cart;. reproduction of exhibit in Bendigo Spring Show, 1915 , the ''Made in Bendigo Exhibition'' - first prize awarded to Messrs H M Legg & Co. Progress Jams, preserves, tomato sauce, tomatoes products, candied peels etc. (folded and small tear).