Artists statement

This Totem is one of three sculptures created by Glen Romanis which highlight key sites along the Moonee Ponds Creek. Together they tell the story of the Creek as a natural water way as a place of Indigenous Culture and as an important part of Melbournes industrial development. Cross Keys Reserve Totem features a boomerang and a spear head, representing the Creeks Aboriginal history.

Historical information

The second of three sculptures created and installed along the course of the Moonee Ponds Creek exploring and representing the natural environment in the context of Indigenous Culture that inhabit these lands. This work represents a spear and a boomerang created from River Red Gum, Pier Pylon and Basalt.

Physical description

A tall, approximately 5 M, thin and tapered timber work inset with basalt rocks representing the tip of a hunting spear set at an acute angle to the ground. Set around the base of the "Spear Tip" are carved horizontal timbers ideal for sitting on whilst contemplating or just meeting and talking.

Mounting & framing

Mounted directly into the ground