Artists statement

It is important to recognise the emblematic significance of local indigenous animals. To create a totem refers to thousands of years and cultures from all over the world who have made the connection between an animal a place and an emotional resonance.
The Peregrine is the guardian of this land in East Keillor. Its solitary roaming existence speaks of freedom. On the basalt cliffs of the Valley Lake Estate it sits as a watcher and a protector. Its acute perception reminds us to use our mental capabilities to the fullest, to make deliberate moves, use precision timing and strike with force when necessary pursue our goals and aspirations.

Historical information

Direct reference to the geology (Basalt) and the quarry and the habitation of the Peregrine Falcon

Physical description

A set of five totems carved from Cypress, sourced from Tasmania, Local basalt has been used to make further connection to the site, included are painted elements and all totems which have been sealed with organic oils to protect from the elements. The work makes reference to the Perigin Falcon suggesting links to notions of a protecting spirit as they are endemic to the area.

Mounting & framing

Set directly into ground with concrete footings