Historical information

Mr. Thomas Bury, was known as “Tom Touchstone" of the Courier, was a well-known local journalist. He passed away in 1900 and was buried at Ballarat New Cemetery. He is described as a very old identity of Ballarat. The documents are a variety of newspaper articles: - social and testimonials - sale of Touchstone Tower - short anecdotal pieces about Bury's preparations for his overseas tour - Cornerisms - Tom Touchstone testimonial - fundraising report - Tom Touchstone testimonial - presentation of funds raised for Bury's tour - conerisms - England ho - arriven - off Crete - off Stromboli - off Suez - Suez to Said - Coaling - Letters home - The Dock Strike


Bury was a friend of Unions Ballarat and a columnist for the Ballarat Courier newspaper.

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Electronic copies of 15 articles.

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