Physical description

Collection of natural material & works from Chiltern area
This display was created by Sidney Eustace, son of Alfred William Eustace, c. 1890.
Most of the timbers are from the Chiltern District:
1.Wild Cherry
2. Red Box
3. Grey Box
4. Myall
5.Red Stringybark
6. YellowBox
7. Grey Box
8. Mugga Ironbark
9. Sheoak
10. Honeysuckle
11. Red Gum
12. Bloodwood, Warburton
13. Apple Box
14. Myall
15.Mountain Ash Warburton
16. Huntsman Spider Egg Sac
17. Eucalyptus leaf. The surface has been eaten by the Leaf Skeletoniser, leaving just the veins
18. Scene painted on a eucalyptus leaf by Mrs. Annie Jessup
19. Mosses, Lichens and a CaseMoth
20. Frame, split out of Red Box
Part of original Chiltern Athenaeum Collection