Historical information

AC/0096 is a reproduction of an original studio portrait, possibly held in the Ruyton papers of the State Library of Victoria (MS 12079) and featured Mrs Maud Butler Walsh.

According to Hilda Daniell, (student, teacher and Principal at Ruyton from 1893-1952) Mrs Maud Butler Walsh, nee King, was, in 1878, the first student enrolled at Ruyton from outside the family of founding Principal Charlotte Anderson. Miss Daniell gives an account of the enrolment story on p106-107 of her History of Ruyton, and referred to in Marjorie Theobald's "Ruyton Remembers 1878-1978" p23.

Maud Butler Walsh, known as Mrs Walsh, was born Harriet Maud Gidley King in 1866 and died on 29 December 1949. She was the mother of five daughters that she also sent to Ruyton. Mrs Walsh was instrumental in the foundation of the Old Ruytonians Association (ORA) in 1908 and was the first Honorary Secretary, 1908-1911. She served as President of the ORA in 1912 and remained involved until her death in 1949.

Maud King's childhood home was Madford, Studley Park Road, Kew. Her father was descended from early Governor of New South Wales, Philip Gidley King, (1758-1808).

The original photograph for AC/0096 is featured in Hilda Daniell's History of Ruyton on p106. The photograph is not dated, but may have been taken c.1920s-1939. AC/0096 was probably reproduced, c.1990s-2000s as part of the creation of a gallery of Principals of Ruyton for the conference room, Henty House.

Physical description

Framed black and white studio portrait of an older woman wearing a black dress with sheer sleeves. She is standing behind an upholstered chair, with a piece of paper in her hands. Her hands are resting on the back of the chair. The woman is facing the viewer, with her body partially turned away.

Inscriptions & markings

Unsigned, undated.

Mounting & framing

Timber and gold frame; cream mount