Historical information

AC/0098 is a photographic reproduction of an original photograph. It features a portrait of Katherine Mary Snowball (1898-1939) who was commonly known as Kitty Snowball. The location of the original photograph has not been identified. The original photograph is tentatively dated c.1925-1930 based on her clothing and apparent age. The date of the reproduction has not been identified.

Paraphrased from Daniell, p96-97 - Kitty was a student at Ruyton Girls' School, 1908-1916. After school she spent a year in Queensland and then returned to train at the Free Kindergarten Training College in Kew. She joined the Ruyton staff as a Kindergarten mistress and then spent two years as Matron. After a year overseas she returned to Ruyton as Kindergarten Mistress. She was the inaugural Director of 'Little Ruyton', the Kindergarten branch which opened in Princess Street Kew in 1926. She resigned in 1937 and after an illness of approximately one year, she died in November 1939.

Notes from elsewhere in Daniell - Kitty Snowball was a School Prefect 1914-1915, and the Captain and Coach of the Ruyton hockey team in 1915. Kitty Snowball was the inaugural Head of Daniell House in 1924, (a staff position.) Daniell House was known as School House 1924-1928 and was initially composed entirely of Boarders.

Physical description

Framed black and white photographic full-length portrait of a woman sitting on a large rock. The rock is located in a creek and behind her is a steep hill lightly covered in Australian bush. The woman's body faces away from the camera but her head is turned towards it. She wears a hat, light coloured cardigan, calf-length skirt, pale stockings and lace up shoes.

Inscriptions & markings

Plaque on frame: Kitty Snowball/ Pupil Ruyton 1908-16/ Director 'Little Ruyton' 1926-1937

Mounting & framing

Timber and gold frame; cream mount