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Transcript of original article taken from The Canberra Times, 6 Feb 1968, p. 3., via TROVE

The Public Hall at Woodstock, 20 miles north of Melbourne, is destroyed by a grass fire that appeared to start when a log still smoldering from last Wednesday's fire burst into flames.

Buildings razed in Victorian fires.

MELBOURNE, Monday. Fire destroyed today a hall, a church and about 2,000 acres of grass at Woodstock, 20 miles north of Melbourne.
Firefighters said the blaze appeared to have started from a log still smoldering after last Wednesday's fire, claimed to have been started by sparks from the wheels of a train. Burning on a front of between a quarter mile and half a mile, the fire passed behind the general store and houses but engulfed the 100-year-old weatherboard Roman Catholic church.
Firefighters prevented the blaze spreading to a nearby public hall but when they were called to fight the fire further on, the hall was caught in a fresh outbreak, and destroyed. Before being brought under control after some two hours, the fire travelled four miles, destroyed about six haystacks then burned from the town back into the bush.

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