Historical information

Photograph of man, lady and 2 boys identified only as Turner family.

TURNER Charles - baker, Schotters Road, Mernda.

A red and yellow brick bakery is believed to have been designed and constructed by Moses Thomas during the 1870s. Its first owner was Charles Turner, who required suitable premises in which to bake bread for the residents of Mernda and surrounding areas. The actual bake oven stands at the rear of this building, along with a six-roomed dwelling and original well and weatherboard stables.

Charles and his brother Stephenson baked bread for sixty years, while their brother-in-law, Mr. Russell, and others drove the cart. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday they would deliver bread to homes in the Yan Yean and Whittlesea area, leaving about midday with the hot bread and returning in the dark in winter. On alternate days they would deliver to Mernda and Separation. The Turners also had a store and sold groceries. Stephenson was appointed as postmaster for Mernda from 1880 to 1885 at 15 Pounds per annum. His brother Charles followed until 1892, when the post office was transferred to the railway station. Charles died in 1944. The business was sold after Stephenson’s death in 1948 to the Mitchell Brothers of Whittlesea and eventually closed.

Both Charles and Stephenson had been staunch supporters of the near-by Mernda Methodist Church. Charles was a member for sixty-seven years and acted as a preacher, conducting services in many surrounding Methodist churches. He also taught Sunday School and both he and Stephenson were Church Trustees. In 1946 Stephenson had donated land to the church for establishment of a tennis court.

Since closure as a bakery, the building has seen use at different times as a cafe, shoe factory and private residence - from: City of Whittlesea Heritage Study.


A collection of Turner family photographs related to Charles Turner, baker, and pioneer of the Mernda district.

Physical description

Black and white copy of photograph.

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Handwritten on the back: 6.