Historical information

This item is a cookery book home-produced about 1900. The handwritten recipes include Stewed Salt Cod, Potato Soufflets, Indian Meat Curry and Maizena Cakes. The writer of the recipes is unknown. The cookery booklet inserted into the exercise book contain the recipes of Mrs Wicken's Cookery Class in Warrnambool. Harriet Wicken, a graduate of the London School of Cookery, came to Warrnambool in April 1888 and gave a series of demonstration and lessons to groups of Warrnambool women. Fifty copies of the recipes used in the lectures were printed and sold locally for sixpence a copy and so this is a comparatively rare item.


This item is of considerable interest, firstly as a fine example of an old family cookery book, showing us what recipes were in vogue locally over a 100 years ago and secondly because of the inclusion of Mrs Wicken's Warrnambool cookery book, adding to our information of a local social event in the 1880s.

Physical description

This is an exercise book with a black cloth cover with gold edging. The spine is missing. The pages have faint ruled lines and contain cooking recipes handwritten in black ink. Pasted into the inside front cover is a copy of a stapled recipe booklet