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Valuations of historical items

The organisations that contribute to this website and this website's administrators DO NOT provide valuations of historical items. But read on to find out who does…

Getting your object valued

A rough guide to current worth can sometimes be obtained by a search for similar items on online auction sites, although due caution should be exercised. Otherwise you can contact one of the principal auction houses.

Published price guides for items such as coins, antiques and stamps are often available through the municipal library system, and commercial dealers specialising in these items can be helpful.

Another resource is the 'List of approved valuers'. This list is produced as part of the Commonwealth Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, whereby people can donate artefacts to museums in order to receive a tax benefit.

The valuers on the list are generally commercial dealers who have a detailed knowledge of the market in their fields, and will be happy to value items within their competence. They may charge a fee for this work, either on an hourly basis or as a percentage of the total valuation. Check with them first.