Historical information

Created for the memorial service that was held on friday 20th may 1910, held in front of the shire hall in Heathcote to honour king edward VII who died on the 6th may 1910 at 2.30 p.m. this was arranged by the local ministers of religion at the request of the president and councillers of the shire of McIvor.


Believed to be the only one in exsistence, after intesive research have been unable to come up with any information, from the shire, local churches or senior members of the community,only mention was in the Bendigo Advertiser newspaper.research in to archives further afield have not produced another.

Physical description

Piece of cream silk printed on face and inside, screen printed in purple and black ink on front and inside the order of service. details of all ministers of religion and shire dignitries as well as hyms sung.

Inscriptions & markings

"McIvor Times" Print, Heathcote on left hand side below main print. in black ink